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Hot Yoga Köln - Yoga39°

Basic information for English speaking visitors

Our Schedule for the next few days:


Hot Yoga is our true passion


  • We teach traditional hot yoga classes at 39°C in 90 and 60 minute formats. Many of our teachers can help and give corrections in English or teach the postures in a mix of English and German whenever there will be English speaking yogis in the room.

  • Apart from the traditional classes we offer Yin/Restorative as well as an advanced setup called HotPLUS

  • Every Hot60, Hot90 or Yin90 class is suitable for beginners. We do recommend Hot90 or Yin90 on your first visit, because there is more time available to give more detailed instructions and better cater to the needs of beginners.

  • The heat has many benefits, some of which are improved relaxation of your muscular and fascia tissues as well as an increased cardio vascular effect. There is also a detox element to the class, which consists of a combination of pranayamas, body/organ compression as well as the intense sweating you might experience. 

  • We can almost guarantee that you will feel amazing after class. Even if it might feel tough at the beginning, you will adapt to the heat quickly and feel more and more confident every time you visit.

  • If you have any more questions, we suggest you just pass by the studio while we are open (30 minutes before or after class) or send us a message using our contact form.


About Yoga39°

Your First Time

  • Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to class on your first visit, to find us and get acquainted with the studio.

  • Pre-registration is mandatory at the moment as space is very limited. You can register through the schedule on this page.

  • For your first visit to hot yoga we recommend you to go with a Hot90 or Yin90 class, which are both suitable for beginners.

  • Bring some light clothes that allow for sweating.

  • We recommend to avoid eating any heavy meals up to 2-3 hours before class. But you should also not starve yourself.

  • Hydrate well before class so you don't have to drink too often in class, which might disturb your yoga practice (note: no glass bottles are allowed, because they can break and we don't wear shoes in the studio).

  • You will need a mat and two towels (one as cover for the mat and one to rub dry in case you're sweating). You can rent clean mats (3€) and towels (2€) at the studio.

  • For further information, please read our FAQs (which are available inn English) or contact us below

  • And most important: Breathe! And have some fun, too :)

First Visit

Contact / Directions

Yoga39° - Hot Yoga Köln

Richard-Wagner-Straße 18

50674 Köln

Tel. 0221 - 9989 9989

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Our Hot Yoga Studio between Rudolfplatz and Belgian Quarter

You will find our hot yoga studio in near the city center, between the Ringe and the Belgian Quarter. Of course we have showers and all facilities necessary for a great hot yoga experience!


  • By Bike: We have bicycle parking at the studio. Arriving by bike is always a great option, as Cologne has dedicated bike lanes in most areas.

  • By tram/metro: Lines 1 and 7 bring you to station"Moltkestraße", which is right next to the Studio. Alternative find "Rudolfplatz" using 1, 7 or 12. It's just a 5 minute walk.

  • By car: Passing by the studio on Richard-Wagner-Str direction City Centre you will find a public parking garage right behind the Hotel Cologne on the left, the entrance is about 200m before the Ringe.

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Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Credit passes for Studio visits*


1 Visit
Drop In



3 Visits

2 Months Validity
Save 10€ compared to 3 Single Passes



5 Visits

3 Months Validity
Save 20€ compared to 5 Single Passes



10 Visits

5 Months Validity
Save 50€ compared to 10 Single Passes


All Passes can be purchased via our  Schedule



1 Visit
Drop In



10 Classes

4 Months Validity


All Passes can be purchased via our  Schedule

*All prices incl. 19% VAT, as of Jan 2023

Further Questions? Check our FAQ in English

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