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Workshops & Masterclasses BENJAMIN SEARS (NY)

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The amazing Ben Sears will be with us during 3 days early September to conduct two Masterclasses and two Workshops at Hot Yoga Köln - Yoga39°. Benefit from Ben's deeply founded experience of many years of practicing and teaching a variety of yoga styles all over the world. The classes and workshops will leave you with deeper understanding of your own yoga practice - but will also just be fun and a great time!

Please note that all classes and workshops will be conducted by Benjamin in English!

FRIDAY, Sept 9th, 2016:

18:00-20:00 MasterClass - Hot Yoga Extended Class Two hour MasterClass with extended instructions and tips to deepen your practice. Cost: 35€, number of participants limited

SATURDAY, Sept 10th, 2016:

12:00-14:00 MasterClass - Vinyasa HotFlow Extended Class

Two hour MasterClass with extended instructions and tips to deepen your practice. Cost: 35€, number of participants limited

17:00-19:30 Workshop - Sustainable Backbending 2.5hrs Workshop with special focus on backbending, one of the key elements of hot yoga. With the limited number of postures that are the subject for an extended amount of time, you can be guaranteed to get a lot of depth out of this workshop. Cost: 45€, number of participants limited

​​Sunday Sept 11th, 2016:​​ 13:00-17:00 Extended Workshop - Hot Yoga - Keys to a Deeper Practice Four hour workshop with focus on the classic hot yoga postures. The Fundamentals & philosophy introduction is followed by the main class and asana section, with the possibility to get personal corrections and direct advise by one of the most knowledgeable hot yoga teachers. Cost: 60€, number of participants limited

Ben's Biography:

Benjamin has studied with the masters to earn multiple certifications across diverse systems, and believes that the day one stops learning is the day one stops teaching. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA, staffed the Bikram Yoga College of India Teacher Training after receiving his certification, completed the Dharma Mittra Yoga 500 hour Training, two Forrest Yoga Advanced Trainings, and continues his studies in Ayurveda, anatomy, bodywork, and energy healing. Benjamin leads seminars worldwide, facilitates teacher development, and is a sought-after mentor in the international yoga community.

As a competitive athlete who stumbled upon yoga as a last resort to heal, Benjamin recovered from two herniated discs, five knee surgeries and the traumatic suicide of a loved one through consistent yoga practice. He now travels the world inspired to help students practice in healing way and live better through yoga. Benjamin’s ability to connect the poses to your body and the practice to your life in a practical and poetic way empowers students to appreciate the present and develop an action plan to progress. He recognizes that the students do their own work and hopes to help them stay safe and enjoy the process.

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