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Workshops in February!

Save the date for these 3 workshops and 2 classes in February with the lovely Henry and Veronica from New York:


  • 7:00-9:30pm "Intermediate Hatha" Workshop with Veronica & Henry

This heated class is designed as a stepping stone between the 26+2 (Hot Yoga) sequence and the classic 84 asanas of the Ghosh lineage. We’ll move fairly quickly through the familiar postures before approaching an accessible selection of deeper backbends, arm balances, and hip openers. Recommended for students with a regular Hot Yoga practice of 2+ months and a curiosity to grow.



  • 10:00-11:30 Hot90 with Veronica

  • 12:30-3:00pm "Inversions and Flow" Workshop with Henry

Yoga should be fun, shouldn’t it? As we grow up and weighty responsibilities set in, we often lose touch with our inherently playful nature. Fortunately, inversions are yoga’s fountain of youth. They flood our brains with revitalizing blood and prana, so that our minds can stay fresh! In this workshop, we’ll explore accessible inversions and arms balances, so you can find lightness in the body and reconnect with your inner child.



  • 1:00 -3:30pm "Free Your Hips" Workshop with Henry

Want to connect to your authentic self and live from a place of intention? The hips aren’t just our largest joints; they’re also the energetic locus of our individual passions, animal desires, and subconscious minds. In this workshop, we’ll get connected to our legs with a vigorous vinyasa sequence and open the hips through deep yin holds, so you can find relief in your own unique identity.

  • 4:00-5:30pm Hot90 with Veronica


Pricing: All 3 Workshops: 80€, 2 Workshops: 60€, 1 Workshop 35€

Veronica's Hot90 Classes will be charged as a normal class (use your active membership, punch card or buy a drop-in) Workshops require pre-registration and -payment, please email to Or, you can purchase your workshop ticket online here


Henry Winslow (@henrywins) and Veronica Lombo (@veronicalombo) are life partners, traveling yoga teachers and students, and co-founders of Over a combined 20 years of practice, they’ve found their own identities through yoga, and since then, they’ve made it their mission to help others strive to reach their highest selves through the same powerful practice.

Although Henry has studied with some of the most skilled yoga teachers in the world including Jared McCann and Gloria Suen, he firmly believes every student is her own best teacher. Over 6 years of practice, he has remained feverishly thirsty for knowledge and continually pushed himself forward, never limited by self-doubt or current physical reality. When he teaches, that confidence in personal limitlessness is contagious. Since embracing his path as a teacher, he’s completed 500 hours of teacher training and taught yoga in 6 countries.

Veronica is a teacher with a powerful heart. She has battled chronic depression for half her life, but over a decade of practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, she has identified the most powerful tools available for learning accountability and self-compassion. Veronica graduated from Bikram yoga teacher training in 2009 and has completed 500 hours of teacher training with Jared McCann. She is dedicated to helping others face themselves, embrace their challenges as springboards for growth, and take everything one step at a time.

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